Myths around Reiki and Getting Ill

A few months ago one of my students raised an important issue concerning myths around getting ill when you have been attuned to Reiki. She had been told that one you are attuned to Reiki, you should never get ill again and, if you do, you haven’t been attuned properly in the first place. I would like to stress that this is totally false information!

The majority of people have long term health conditions when they come to be attuned to Reiki and these can take time to clear. Clients who have Reiki treatments over a period of time find that the initial treatment feels like a lifting of heaviness they have been carrying around with them. Then the most recent conditions are dealt with first, after which the healing works backwards addressing underlying mental/emotional issues like peeling away the layers of an onion till you get to the root cause underneath.

The truth is we all have various mental/emotional issues (such as low self-worth, anxiety, fear, grief etc) which can contribute to dis-ease and illness, and we all have a genetic disposition towards certain illnesses. What Reiki provides is a means of coping better with whatever life throws at you. Life is a learning experience which contributes to the growth of our soul. Frankly if you had no issues and no ailments, you wouldn’t need to be here on Earth!

It has been noted that Dr Usui, the founder of the Usui Reiki system, died in his 60s after suffering a stroke and it does indeed seem unfair that someone who could channel such amazing healing energy can still be struck down at a relatively young age with a serious illness. Despite our best efforts, healing cannot prevent death. We all die at our allotted time, when our work is done.

Illness as a Learning Experience

Although a Reiki attunement can lift a negative karmic burden from some students and can sometimes be a complete healing in itself, this does not happen for everyone and it is more likely that you will still have to heal your own issues yourself through regular self-treatment. Physical illness can be a great teacher if we are able to see the lessons in the challenge and I believe that is why our illnesses are not just simply taken away from us during the attunement process. The attunement process does however fill the student’s energy body with a much greater amount of spiritual energy which the higher self of the student uses in whichever way it deems best.

Illness can highlight underlying mental/emotional issues you need to work on. For example persistent colds mean your immune system needs boosting; shoulder and upper back pain can indicate a person is shouldering or carrying too great a burden or too much responsibility; neck pain can indicate a need to be more flexible; and urinary infections can indicate feeling pissed off with life! Louise L Hay has written many books about the mental/emotional causes of illness and dis-ease if you would like to read further into this subject.

In addition, certain emotions seem to be naturally stored in certain parts of the body. For example anger is stored in the liver, grief in the lungs, worry in the stomach, stress in the brain and fear in the kidneys. You can focus your self-healing treatments in the appropriate area if you feel you may be hanging onto any of these emotions.

Benefits of Reiki

Reiki can indeed boost your immune system, giving you greater resistance to colds, viruses etc and speed the healing process if you do catch them. However you do need to give yourself regular self-treatment in order to stay as healthy as possible. And when you feel you have arrived at a place of perfect health and wellbeing you still need to maintain this, again through regular self-treatment and healthy lifestyle.

While Reiki may not bring about miracles, it can definitely boost your health and wellbeing. It can contribute significantly towards recovery from ailments/illnesses, speed the healing process and heal and release underlying mental/emotional conditions. It is best to see Reiki as a tool for helping you reach the best state of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing possible for you. It you use it regularly you can experience a state of balance and harmony that you wouldn’t otherwise have reached.


Helen Shortland is a Reiki Master Healer/Teacher, Meditation Teacher and Holistic Therapist based at 15 Wheeler Gate in Nottingham city centre. Helen offers several healing treatments such as Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Faery Reiki, Angel Therapy, Fairy Blessing Guided Journey and Crystal Chakra Balancing; holistic therapies including Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Hopi Ear Candles & Facials; as well as Usui Reiki and Faery Reiki training courses and tarot readings. She has been on the spiritual path for 18 years and has extensive knowledge of healing and the healing journey. For further information about her Reiki courses, therapies and workshops, please visit her website or visit and ‘like’ her Facebook page Helen Shortland Holistics & Healing.


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