Faery Reiki Training

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“May Water wash away your sadness and frustration,

May Air blow away the cobwebs from your mind,

May Fire burn away that which no longer serves you,

May Earth bring you strength and focus to manifest your dreams,

May the light of Spirit bring you joy and peace.”

Bright blessings to one and all from the Faery Realm.

 Attunement to the Faery Reiki energy gives you a deep connection to the Faery Realm, the elements and the energy of Avalon. The Faery Reiki attunement will connect you to faery beings of the following elements:-

Water – to cleanse and purify the emotions

Air – to receive inspiration from your higher self

Fire – to clear negative karma, increase motivation and help manifest goals

Earth – for grounding, stability and balance

Spirit/Ether – to release doubt, fears, worries and anger and help heal past lives.

Faery Reiki balances the emotions, increases your sense of wellbeing and helps clear blocks in the Root Chakra to improve creativity and manifesting of success and abundance.

What is Included in the Training Course?

The course includes faery lore, types of faery, history of Avalon, how to attract faeries, your Faery Reiki attunement, the Faery Reiki symbols, how to give a Faery Reiki treatment and how to attune others.

Preparing for an Attunement

These suggestions are the same as are advised for any Reiki attunement. For a few days prior to the attunement, it is beneficial for you to avoid alcohol, reduce your intake of coffee, tea and nicotine, drink more water and eat more healthily. This will help prepare you to hold the Reiki vibration in your energy body.  After the attunement you are advised to stick to the same healthy regime in order to help your body with emotional cleansing and restoring balance.  It is also advisable to get more rest and more fresh air during this time.

After-Effects of Attunement

I have found that it takes approximately 8 weeks to fully assimilate the Faery Reiki energy. Initially there will be some clearing of old negative emotional issues before you start to notice beneficial changes. An attunement is often a healing in itself. During my own attunement, I was particularly aware of clearing in my lower 4 chakras.

Following my own attunement I experienced an increased connection to and appreciation of nature and the natural world, an increased love for animals, greater emotional balance and a heightened sensitivity to injustice and unfairness. Longer term effects ( 2-3 months) included a stronger sense of grounding and feeling safe in myself, periods of inspired creativity, increased self-worth and honouring of my own needs, a stronger connection to my life path and higher self, as well as increased abundance and beneficial career changes. I also feel I know what is truly in my heart, what I really want and where my heart truly lies. The general pattern of clearing was Root to Throat Chakras.

Who is this course suitable for?

This is a 1 day course covering Practitioner to Master Levels. Ideally students should have Reiki Level 1 as a minimum but I am happy to attune others who are drawn to connect with the Faery Realm and experience the healing benefits of attunement if you follow the preparation guidelines and have some experience of meditation and healing/energy work.

It is however recommended that you are a Reiki Level 2 Practitioner in order to offer Faery Reiki treatments professionally. It is also strongly advised that you hold Reiki Master Teacher certification if you wish to teach Faery Reiki and pass this attunement on to others. You are advised to wait at least 6 months before beginning to teach, offering treatments during this time and strengthening your connection to this energy.

For insurance purposes Faery Reiki is included under the umbrella term of Reiki.

Full 1 day course. Manual and certificate supplied.

Cost: £120. Deposit of £25 required when booking.

 Training courses are held in East Leake, south Notts.

If you are not able to attend a course in person, a distant attunement is available for £45 with course manual and certificate supplied via email.