A Soul Realignment session uncovers your soul group of origin and divine gifts to see who you are at soul level and your particular talents, then looks at the negative karmic patterns that are affecting you today due to negative choices made in past lives that are preventing you from accessing your full soul energy. Clearing is done in the Akashic Records to clear these negative karmic patterns and align you with your divine soul blueprint. This is powerful transformation work that can really clear your negative cycles, help you break free from the past and live a life more fully aligned with who you are at a soul level so that you can create more happiness and abundance.

What are the Akashic Records?

Also known as the Hall of Records, they are like a library or database that exists in the 5th dimension. It contains a record of every soul that ever incarnated, with details of past lives, present life and even future lives. The Akashic Records can be accessed through intention, sending your consciousness up to the 5th dimension. I then locate the client’s Akashic Record using their legal name, birth name, date of birth and place of birth. Information is received mainly through pendulum dowsing, ‘knowing’ or through a download of information which starts to happen the more you work with the Akashic Records.

Within our Akashic Record each person has what’s known as a Divine Soul Blueprint, which is really a blueprint for your highest potential in each incarnation. This is what we aim to realign clients with in a Soul Realignment session.

What are we looking for in a Soul Realignment Session?

We start off with who you are at soul level, then go on to find the various blocks and restrictions from past lives that are preventing you from living your best life fully aligned with your soul. We begin by uncovering your primary energy centre (the main quality your soul is made up of) which is where you receive vital force energy from Source. If there is damage to the primary energy centre from past life trauma, you are likely to be experiencing a lack of energy and vitality or difficulty accessing your full potential.

We then uncover your soul group of origin. Your soul group is the star system your soul incarnated into right after its origination from Source. Many people have started their soul life on another planet – these people are known as Starseeds and they often have an instinctive knowing that Earth isn’t their true home. I also look for your soul vibration rate which shows where you are on your spiritual path, spheres of protection which show you have already started making more positive choices for yourself. Some people also carry an additional spark of Source energy, known as a secondary God Spark, which helps them with their life purpose.

After looking at your skills and talents, I then go on to look at the various blocks and restrictions affecting you and the past life where they began. Blocks and restrictions have their roots in negative choices, trauma etc. Please note there is never any judgement in this process – we have all done bad things in past lives! If you have died a violent death or killed someone else in a past life, this can result in something called soul loss which can literally make you feel like part of you is missing. We also look for auric tears, memory issues (loss or programmed), attaching souls, negative thought forms, independent negative thought forms, contracts, bargains, negative intentions, unjustified karma, etheric implants and vows. Clients usually recognise the various patterns playing out in their life today.

I then put a clearing request into the client’s Akashic Record, which the client later activates through verbal agreement in the 3rd (physical) dimension. In the feedback session we identify some action steps the client can take in the physical dimension to break any negative patterns and make more positive choices.


When you book your session, I will ask you what new circumstances you wish to create in your life within the next 6 months. This helps to set the intention for the clearing work and support you in achieving your goals. I will also need your full legal name, birth name, date of birth and place of birth (if known) to access your Record. I will then do the necessary research, looking into your soul group of origin, talents and soul stories, identifying the past lives where negative karmic patterns began and how these patterns are likely to be affecting you now.  I will feed back to you in the arranged feedback session in Zoom where we will also discuss simple action steps you can take now to begin to make more positive choices for you. After the session you will be give a recording of the session, a short audio to watch if you have suffered soul loss and some affirmations to read through to support the clearing intention placed into your Akashic Record.

Soul Realignment is available for £125. If you are ready for real transformation, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


Just as our souls often need to be realigned with our divine soul blueprint, our homes also often need some realigning too. Each property has its own energetic record in the Akashic Records where we can access information about any energies that may be having a detrimental affect on the property and its inhabitants. Sometimes our homes can be unsupportive of what we want to create for ourselves in life and we can experience difficulty moving forward. Other times you will just have a feeling that the house just doesn’t feel right with a sense of unease and discomfort. Negative influences can be cleared to create an energetically clear, peaceful space. This will benefit those living there and can also help a property to sell.

In these sessions I will be looking for any portalways, negative thought forms, earthbound souls, anger spears and gateways within the property. I’ll then find out if the land that it is situated on was ever used as a sacred site, battle ground or burial ground, all of which are incongruent and misaligned with having a home there. The land use can be reassigned in the Akashic Records.

Clients who have booked a Property Clearing session tend to feel a shift in energy afterwards. They report improvements including sleeping better, the occupants feeling calmer, no longer feeling as sluggish or sleepy during the day and feeling a clearer energy flow in areas of the house that felt heavy before.

This clearing work can be done for any property for which you have energetic ownership, ie you must be financially responsible for it either as the owner or tenant. I will need the full address of the property to locate it in the Akashic Records. Feed back can be provided either by email, phone or Zoom. These sessions are available for £40.