A Soul Realignment session uncovers your soul group of origin and divine gifts to see who you are at soul level and your particular talents, then looks at the negative karmic patterns that are affecting you today due to negative choices made in past lives that are preventing you from accessing your full soul energy. Clearing is done in the Akashic Records to clear these negative karmic patterns and align you with your divine soul blueprint. This is powerful transformation work that can really clear your negative cycles, help you break free from the past and live a life more fully aligned with who you are at a soul level so that you can create more happiness and abundance.

When you book your session, I will ask you what new circumstances you wish to create in your life within the next 6 months. This helps to set the intention for the clearing work and support you in achieving your goals. I will also need your full legal name, birth name, date of birth and place of birth (if known) to access your Record. I will then do the necessary research, looking into your soul group of origin, talents and soul stories, identifying the past lives where negative karmic patterns began and how these patterns are likely to be affecting you now.  I will feed back to you in the arranged feedback session in Zoom where we will also discuss simple action steps you can take now to begin to make more positive choices for you. After the session you will be give a recording of the session, a short audio to watch if you have suffered soul loss and some affirmations to read through to support the clearing intention placed into your Akashic Record.

The usual price for a Soul Realignment session is $150 but I am offering this therapy at a reduced price of £99 for the first 6 months (until March 2022). If you are ready for real transformation, please don’t hesitate to contact me!