Intuitive Readings

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In my readings I connect with my spirit guides and angels and sometimes your loved ones in spirit to bring through messages of guidance and insight into different areas of your life and any particular situation you’d like guidance for. Readings can include angel, oracle or tarot cards to give further insight into your current situation and near future along with suggested ways forward.

All my readings are given in love and light, connecting with high level guides and/or the angelic realm, focusing on positive ways forward. Sometimes contact can be made with a loved one in spirit but I cannot guarantee this will happen.

An angel card reading shows you what spirit want you to know or focus on to help you move forward or heal. They are caring, uplifting and always positive and can highlight areas such as life path, spiritual development and emotional healing. These readings can bring comfort for those experiencing loss or uncertainty.

Oracle and tarot cards focus more on day to day concerns, such as situations and people around you, past and near future influences and can suggest the best course of action to take. As a Reader my aim is to use the cards to help you navigate your way through life most effectively. Tarot reflects the story of life and the energies you will encounter on your own journey. The focus is on asking the questions you really want answered and getting you the guidance you need. The Tarot therefore becomes a source of wisdom and guidance – an empowering tool rather than a means of fatalistic prediction.

Full readings are 30-35 mins but a shorter reading is also available if you just want to focus on 1 or 2 particular questions.

So if you are looking for guidance or are just feeling curious, why not book a reading and consult the cards!
30-35 min reading £25
Shorter 15-20 min reading £15

Distance Readings

In these readings I connect with my guides and angels, sometimes your loved ones in spirit, and work with tarot/angel/oracle cards to bring you guidance and insights into different areas of your life and any particular situation you’d like me to focus on.

These readings cost £25 and payment can be made by Paypal or bank transfer. Your reading will be emailed to you within a few days.

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Please note that readings are meant for entertainment purposes only and cannot be construed as instruction or advice particularly in relation to areas of life such as health, law and finance for which you should always consult an appropriate qualified professional. I can assume no responsibility or liability of any kind for actions taken based on your reading as responsibility for interpretation lies with the client.