Intuitive Readings

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In my readings I connect with my spirit guides and angels to bring through the guidance you need to receive at the present time. All my readings are given in love and light, connecting with high level guides and/or the angelic realm, focusing on positive ways for you to move forward.

Everyone has a particular question or challenge in their life when they come for a reading. I aim to give you insight into that issue, help you be more aware of your options and be able to make a decision. For example you may feel blocked in a particular area of your life or feel guilt or grief over a break-up or passing.

I offer a variety of readings including tarot , angel cards, crystals and mediumship  including passed loved ones and your spirit team (animal guides and your main spirit guide). Please see below for a fuller description of each type of reading.

People often ask what the difference is between angel cards, oracle cards and tarot. They each have a different energy or vibration and can assist in different ways. Angel cards tend to highlight what you would be best to focus on to help you move forward or heal. They are caring, uplifting and always positive and can highlight areas such as life path, spiritual development and emotional healing. These readings can bring comfort for those experiencing loss or uncertainty. Oracle and tarot cards focus more on day to day concerns, such as situations and people around you, past and near future influences and can suggest the best course of action to take. As a Reader my aim is to use the cards to help you navigate your way through life most effectively.

Tarot        £35     Approx 45 mins

Tarot is a tool to help you in all areas of our human existence. It’s true that some people are a little wary of tarot, believing the cards to have a ‘dark’ energy, but I’ve never found that myself. It’s true that some of the tarot cards can appear to be challenging – Death, Tower and the 10 of Swords for example – but far from being negative, these cards can show us where we need to change our course of action and start again on a new path.

Tarot readings are very good at highlighting behavioural issues in our subconscious  that need changing for our highest good so that we can achieve our goals and live a more fulfilling life. There is no judgement: only guidance from our higher self. If your current path in life isn’t bringing you the results you want, it’s worth examining where change is needed. Similarly, if you are going through a run of bad luck where jobs or relationships are ending, it can be the Universe’s way of giving you an opportunity to start again on a new path that your soul has agreed to as part of its growth. Tarot readings can help you navigate life a little better, see your situation more clearly, go with the flow and seize the opportunities that are right for you. Tarot has been referred to as the Book of Life and the cards, when combined together, reflect all the themes and experiences of human life.

A tarot reading includes a look at your current situation, best way to move forwards, helpful influences, what’s hindering you and a general look at what’s coming up for you in the near future. We can then look at a specific issue or area of life (eg work, relationship, family, finances) you want more guidance on and examine the energy around that. Here is an example of a work situation. The first card was Knight of Cups indicating a new opportunity presenting itself. The second card was 4 of Coins suggesting this opportunity will bring the client an opportunity to save up more money. However the second card can also indicate areas of challenge and would suggest here that the client has lessons around letting go, hanging onto the past and trusting enough to go with the flow. The third card was the Queen of Coins indicating that this opportunity will bring her the much better work/life balance that she seeks.

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Angel Card Reading     £35   Approx 45 mins

Angel cards are a high vibration guidance tool which focus on healing, support, comfort and spiritual development. They help you find ways to bring more peace into your life and find or get back onto your spiritual path. They bring forward the messages your guardian angel and overlighting Archangel want you to know. I begin the reading by seeing which Archangel is guiding you during this phase of your life, along with any other angels with you which indicate what they want you to focus on or bring into your life for your highest good. These readings are always full of love and support and, like the angels, are totally non-judgemental and full of compassion. We’ll then choose angel cards to look at your current situation, best way forward, then guidance for a specific issue or, if you prefer, we can choose a guidance card for several different areas of your life.angel card readings

Mediumship Reading    £35    Approx 45 mins

In these readings I aim to connect with one or two of your loved ones in spirit, a spirit guide and any animal guides who are with you and who have messages for you at the present time. Every one of us has a spirit team comprised of angels, spirit guides and animal guides and it can be very reassuring to know that we have this source of support. Sometimes your loved ones just want to let you know that they are still around; other times they come through with specific messages connected to something going on in your life. Mediumship aims to prove survival of the soul and continuation of life after death and can be a very moving experience for some. Readings can bring the closure and comfort you need. In this reading I will also use cards from the Spirit Messages oracle deck to support and enhance the reading.

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Soul Reading   £45

These readings include current blocks and negative patterns, past trauma and generational trauma, where you are spiritually, role/job you are most suited to, supporting skills/talents, next steps to take towards that goal, where you are spiritually, personal and spiritual purpose, soul gift, soul lesson and soul fragments lost in past lives. I’ll also give you an affirmation to use daily for a minimum of 21 days.
Once you have booked and paid for your reading, I’ll do the research remotely in your Akashic Record and feed back to you in person or online where we can discuss what we find. I just need your full name and date of birth to access your Record.
These readings can offer fantastic insight into who you are as a person and help you to identify areas for growth aligned with your soul purpose.

Mini Readings    £15   15-20 mins

If you’d like some quick guidance for a particular situation or area of life, try a 4 card tarot spread looking at situation, challenge, advice and potential outcome. We can also use angel cards if you’d like some angelic guidance or oracle cards from the Spirit Messenger deck if you’d like to check in with your spirit team and see what they want you to know.

Alternatively you might like to try a Crystal Reading. Using 3-5 crystals, these can look at past, present or future, or focus on your current situation and suggested way forward.

Crystal reading

You are welcome to record your reading on your mobile phone or bring a notepad and pen to make notes. Readings can be done in person at East Leake or online in Zoom or Whatsapp video call.

Distance Readings    £35 full reading / £15 mini reading

Readings can also be held in Zoom or Whatsapp or Messenger video call. Payment can be made by bank transfer, Paypal or cheque.

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Group Events

Psychic Tea Parties and Angelic Connections events are available at my home in East Leake, south Notts. The Angelic Connections event is also available online in Zoom .

Tea parties include card messages and/or mediumship for each person, a look at your tea leaves and a chance to have a go reading someone else’s teacup, and a mini crystal reading, along with plenty of tea and cake.

My Angelic Connections events include a group angel healing meditation, angel card and angel message for each person and a guided meditation to connect you with your Guardian Angel to ask for the support you need.

Dates are listed on the Course & Workshop Dates page of this website. These events are very popular and are run on a regular basis so if you’d like to attend, please contact me by email at to put your name on the list!

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Please note that readings are meant for entertainment purposes only and cannot be construed as instruction or advice particularly in relation to areas of life such as health, law and finance for which you should always consult an appropriate qualified professional. I can assume no responsibility or liability of any kind for actions taken based on your reading as responsibility for interpretation lies with the client.