Healing & Holistic Therapies

Healing & Holistic Treatments

Reiki Healing     £37    (1 hr plus consultation time)

A form of hands-on, spiritual healing which boosts energy levels and restores balance, health and harmony to all levels of our being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Reiki initiates the healing process within the physical body, promotes healing of injuries and provides relief from a wide variety of physical ailments. Helps to balance the emotions, calms the mind, helps lift depression and relieves symptoms of stress. Reiki enhances any orthodox medical treatment the client may be receiving. Working with the Entities of Light, advanced healing techniques are incorporated to shift and release blockages held in the body on a physical level (manifesting as aches, pains, injury or illness) or on a mental/emotional level in the aura so that your energy can flow more freely. Connecting to the divine source ensures that the purest, highest form of healing comes through, helping the client release negative emotional issues in a safe, supportive way.

Spiritual Energy Healing   £30   (approx. 30 mins inc consultation time)

This powerful treatment works with the Entities of the Casa de Dom Ignacio (the Entities of Light) to help clients release what needs to be released, surrender what they need to let go of and bring in whatever healing the client needs – whether that be physical or an  underlying mental/emotional issue. It has a very high vibration, sacred feel and it feels like I am connecting with the person as a whole, as a soul. Often I may receive information about what the client needs to release along with insights into their current situation and mental/emotional or spiritual blocks. The treatment is performed hands off in the aura rather than hands on. The Entities work through me manipulating the client’s energy body to bring through whatever healing is required. This shorter treatment is performed with the client seated in a chair to enable me to move around all sides of the body wherever my hands are pulled to. The actual treatment itself usually takes around 20 mins but extra time needs to be allowed for consultation and feedback. Everyone seems to find it an incredibly peaceful, relaxing experience.

Faery Reiki    £32       (1 hr)

Fairies, also known as the nature angels, are part of the elemental realm of air, fire, water, earth and ether. They reside in a dimension very close to our earth realm where they perform their divine mission of protecting nature and the animals. Faery Reiki strengthens your connection to the faery realm and the elements. It helps to cleanse and release negative emotions (Water), connect you to your higher self for inspiration (Air), release negative karma and aid manifesting of dreams and goals (Fire), provide grounding, balance and stability (Earth) and helps release doubt, fear and anger (Ether/Spirit). Faery Reiki balances the emotions, increases your sense of wellbeing and helps clear blocks in the root chakra to improve creativity and manifesting of success and abundance. Ideal for anyone wanting to connect more deeply with the natural world and the magic of life. Each session includes a short Fairy Oracle card reading to give insight into a particular area of concern in your life. Session includes consultation, short fairy card reading and treatment.

Angelic Reiki  £32     (1 hr)

A high vibration healing method working with the highest beings of the Angelic Realm to bring about healing on all levels to balance the whole person and address causes of symptoms. Angelic Reiki can raise consciousness through a download of soul energy. Multi-dimensional healing is also performed to release karmic imbalances and ancestral issues. Suitable for everyone, Angelic Reiki gives a sense of being nurtured, cared for and protected.  It helps you move forward in life, releasing situations from the past you have outgrown. Session includes consultation, short angel card reading and treatment.

Angelic Clearing  £15  (1/2 hr  distance session) or £20 in person

This new energy healing technique is done through visualisation and affirmations. The first part is forgiving anyone you have been in conflict with in the past, or present, and to ask for their forgiveness for you too. You also have the opportunity to forgive yourself for all of the anger, fear etc you have been holding onto and directing towards yourself over the years which manifests as low self worth and lack of self love. Many people are constantly putting themselves down, valuing themselves too low, and generally punishing themselves for something they have done in the past but this can be cleared by forgiving yourself. Forgiveness of another or yourself allows you to change the energy of a situation or relationship, transmuting something negative into something positive and allowing transformation to take place.
The second part involves dissolving etheric cords – the energetic cords to people, places or situations that drain your energy and weigh you down, leaving you feeling low and depleted of energy. It’s good to get into the habit of clearing cords on a regular basis as it really helps you to detach from things that don’t benefit you and enable you to bring your energy back into the present where it is needed to create your best possible life.
The final part involves calling in Archangel Michael for protection, Archangel Raphael to fill your body, mind and spirit with emerald green healing light and Archangel Chamuel to heal any old emotional wounds in your heart space. Session includes an Archangel oracle card for guidance.
Angelic Clearing sessions can help anyone who needs to let go of a painful situation in the past or of a recent argument/conflict in the present. If you are hanging onto anger, resentment, grief or any other negative emotion from the past or negative people or situations around you in the present which drain your energy and bring you down energetically, you can benefit. Or you may just wish to feel lighter, clearer and more in balance.

Angel Therapy  £30       (1 hr)

An Angel Therapy session is an excellent way to connect with your angels for healing and guidance, release negative emotions and assist with personal development. Sessions include a short angel card reading and an angel energy healing technique to release negative emotions that are preventing you from moving forward. Crystals are then applied to the chakras corresponding to 7 of the major Archangels while I talk you through a guided meditation to the angelic realm for healing from one of the Archangels and guidance/support from your Guardian Angel.

Crystal Healing  £30       (1 hr)

Using crystals to rebalance your body and energy field and strengthen any weak/unbalanced chakras. Crystals are chosen for each chakra and to address individual concerns. Treatment includes Reiki healing and/or Pendulum Healing where appropriate.

Pendulum Healing  £30 1 hr or £20 1/2 hr

This powerful new treatment is a combination of energy healing and spiritual healing. It works well with Reiki and Crystal Healing but can also be taken as a treatment in its own right.  A Pendulum Healing session includes dowsing rods to dowse the state of your chakras, ie. whether they are open, closed, blocked or stagnant. I then rebalance the chakras with the pendulum, as well as working over specific problem areas in the physical body before addressing mental/emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, grief etc. We will then work to clear any blocks from your subconscious that are affecting other areas of your life and preventing you manifesting your goals. For example you may want to improve your self-confidence and self-worth, attract love or greater financial abundance, or increase creativity or intuitive abilities.
This treatment is ideal for anyone who holds limiting negative beliefs in their subconscious mind, as well as for all those who want to feel lighter, clear and more balanced. The treatment an be an hour or half an hour depending on how much clearing needs to be done.

Reflexology £32       (50 mins plus consultation time)

By massaging and stimulating the reflex points on the feet, healing is promoted in the corresponding organs of the body. Reflexology works to remove energy blockages to heal imbalances, improve circulation, soothe pain/inflammation, ease tension and promote detoxification. Beneficial for all physical ailments and for maintaining good health.

Indian Head Massage  £27        (35-40 mins plus consultation time)

A relaxing therapeutic massage of the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face. Beneficial for tense neck and shoulders and for relieving tension headaches. Helps with sinusitis, anxiety and nervous disorders. Includes a facial massage to promote sinus and lymph drainage.

Vitality Lift Facial Massage  £20       (30 mins plus consultation time)

This facial massage, based on the system of Zone Therapy, can improve health, vitality and facial skin tone. The treatment aims to unblock and stimulate the nerve endings in the face to help the glands and organs function properly. A series of acupressure and reflex points are massaged to promote release of harmful toxins and boost energy levels. A build-up of toxins in the body can result in spots, blemishes and dull, tired skin. This massage stimulates core facial muscles to lift, firm and tone the skin, brightening and improving its appearance. Benefits include improved elimination and detoxification, improved hormonal balance and digestion, toning and strengthening of facial muscles, as well as youth, beauty and health from within. The massage is complemented by the use of Rosa Mosqueta oil which has been proven to fade scars, nourish dry skin and reduce the signs of ageing.

Hopi Ear Candles  £32     (45 mins plus consultation time)

A gentle relaxing therapy beneficial for many problems related to the ear and head. Particularly useful for treating compacted or excess wax, sinusitis, rhinitis, tinnitus, glue-ear, colds, flu, sinus-related headaches and migraines.  The candles also regulate pressure and balance fluids in the inner ear canal to help with cases of vertigo, labarynthitis and Meniere’s Syndrome. Treatment ends with a facial massage to promote sinus and lymphatic drainage.  Please note that a course of 4-6 treatments is usually recommended to treat specific conditions but 1 – 2 treatments are often all that is necessary to treat minor wax build-up and congestion.

Foot Massage  £20     (30 mins plus consultation time)

Boosts circulation, soothes the feet, very relaxing. A wonderful treat for the hardest working part of your body!

*Discount Offer*

Take 2 different ½ hour treatments of Reiki, Reflexology, Neck/Shoulder Massage, Foot Massage or Vitality Lift Facial Massage for £32 or 3 treatments for £45!  (Individual ½ hr treatments £20.)

Distant Healing    £15

Reiki can be sent to someone remotely without diminishing the power of the energy transmitted. Please arrange in advance.  Feedback provided by email or phone.

Beauty Treatments

Facials & Skincare:

Rebalancing Facial   1 hr  £32

Refresh and rebalance skin with a natural, organic range of skincare products, suitable for skin types normal/dry and combination/oily.  Includes double cleanse, exfoliant, 15 min face/neck/decolletage massage, face mask, tone, moisturise. Cleanse, exfoliant, massage, mask, tone, moisturise.

Anti-Ageing Collagen Facial  1 1/4 hrs  £45

Firm up and look younger!  Collagen rehydrates and plumps up fine lines and wrinkles.  Includes double cleanse, exfoliant, 15 min face/neck/decolletage massage, face mask and moisturize and incorporates collagen gel mask and collagen ampoule.

Rose Quartz Facial   1 hr  £35

This treatment combines the healing power of rose quartz crystals with the benefits of a traditional facial using beautiful rose fragranced products. Facial includes double cleanse, exfoliation, facial massage using rosa mosqueta oil, rose face mask, tone and moisturise. Rose quartz crystals are placed over some of the chakras for emotional healing with the facial is being performed. The client also holds rose quartz palm stones during the treatment. Rose quartz wands are used to give the facial massage, focusing on acupressure points on the face. Rose quartz has been used to beautify the skin for thousands of years and these wands have the additional benefits of stimulating circulation, improving moisture content of the skin and promoting cell growth and regeneration.

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