Spiritual Workshops

I offer a variety of workshops to help you with your spiritual development.

Connecting with your Spirit Guide

We all have a team of spiritual helpers, whether we are aware of them or not! Connecting with your spirit guide can give you a wonderful source of wisdom and support, to help you both in your healing work and in other areas of your life. In this workshop we will practice 2 methods to help you contact your spirit guide – a guided visualisation and a method to expand your aura and your awareness of your guide – followed by some practice work in pairs. Please bring a notebook and pen to write down your experiences.

Psychic Protection

Learn how to take control of your energies and become aware of your boundaries/personal space! Includes the symptoms of psychic attack, the effect of negative thoughts upon the body, an aura cleansing exercise, methods of psychic protection, cord cutting and strengthening the energy field.

Developing Intuition

An opportunity to practice a variety of techniques including psychometry (tuning into the energy of an object/personal possession), sensing energy/auras, tuning into others and reading angel oracle cards to help you develop your intuition and psychic ability. A fun workshop with lots of opportunity to develop and practice your skills!

An Afternoon with the Angels

If you have ever wondered who and what angels are and whether you have a guardian angel, this workshop is a lovely introduction to the angelic realm. Learn how to create an angel altar and how to recognise signs that the angels are communicating with us.  Includes a guided meditation to connect with your guardian angel and receiving guidance through angel cards and a simple divination exercise. Course notes will be provided but please bring a notebook and pen.

Group Fairy Blessing Guided Journey Workshop

A group guided journey to the Faery Realm for healing and guidance followed by fairy oracle card readings for yourself and others.

Group Angel Therapy Workshop

An exercise to release negative emotions, a guided meditation to the Archangelic Realm for healing and guidance, followed by connecting with your guardian angel and practicing angel card readings on each other.