Guardian Angels – Our Divine Protectors

Your Guardian Angel is with you throughout your life to help you navigate your way through life more easily and successfully. All we have to do is sit quietly and relax, call upon them and receive the comfort that they bring or the message they have. Their key roles are providing protection and comfort. You can also ask your Guardian Angel for help with anything at all such as learning a new skill, attracting financial abundance, increasing self-esteem and joy, developing psychic/mediumistic abilities, and they will bring the appropriate spiritual helpers to you to work with you from the spiritual planes.


Protection:  The most well-known of the roles of the Guardian Angel is to provide protection when needed. Almost all of us have had that little nudge to take a different route or leave a particular place at a certain time, and this is your Guardian Angel at work keeping you safe. Your Guardian Angel can step in to help keep you out of danger if it is not your time to experience a life-threatening situation or leave this earth but they cannot assist if it is part of your soul plan to have that particular experience. If you regularly call on your Guardian Angel to keep you and your loved ones safe at all times, they can certainly mitigate the effects of an accident or situation but may not be able to prevent it altogether.

On a more mental/emotional level I have also found that the Guardian Angel can shield you from the negativity of others, including psychic attack. You can ask your Guardian Angel, along with Archangel Michael, to cut any cords to negative people and situations in your life, especially those who mean you harm or wish to cause trouble. My own Guardian Angel came into my life very strongly in the early part of the summer this year when I was experiencing a lot of nuisance phone calls. They helped keep my strength up so I could clearly see what action I needed to take rather than collapsing with fear. I could actually feel my Guardian Angel around me at this time and they drew close because I really needed them. I was given to understand that they protect you on all levels (spiritually as well as physically) and was inspired to write this blog at that time.

Comfort:  In addition to providing protection, our Guardian Angel can also bring up mental and emotional comfort. There have been a couple of occasions in the past when I have been very upset about something and all of a sudden a wave of perfect peace came over me and washed it all away. You know you don’t need to worry any more and that all will be ok. I was later shown in a vision what had happened here – I saw two extremely tall, white angels suddenly appear around me, at which point the sadness ended. Angel oracle cards are another very good way to receive this kind of emotional support.

Door Keeper: Through various spiritual studies I have discovered one theory that your Guardian Angel isn’t actually a traditional angel at all. Rather this being acts as a door keeper for all those involved in mediumship, clairvoyance, spiritual healing etc, acting as a control for all those who are trying to communicate with you from the other side. Imagine the chaos if lots of spirit entities were trying to communicate all at once! Your Guardian Angel works to keep this in order and, depending upon their own abilities and experience, protects you from lower vibration, mischievous entities or those who would cause harm. As your door keeper, this being assists you to connect with angels, spirit healers or loved ones in spirit and readily brings these through to whenever you put out a call or prayer.

How to Connect with your Guardian Angel

The best way to connect in the early stages of your development is to meditate for around 5 minutes to calm the mind and detach from every day concerns, open your chakras and visualise your energy body filled with pure white light. I then visualise a door opening and a set of 7 white steps leading up to the heavens. Walk up the steps and rest on a white cloud. Call in your Guardian Angel, ask them to draw close around you and give you a touch so that you can recognise their calling sign. This is usually somewhere on the head, shoulder or arm. State what you need and ask for their help. It is best to set aside time each day if possible to sit quietly, open up, call your Guardian Angel to you, feel their calling sign and receive any ideas, thoughts and impressions that come to you. You can also draw an angel oracle card after calling in your angel in this way as this is another way that they can get a message to you.

If you have the space, you may like to create an angel altar in your home. This can be just a small area with an angel statue, a white feather, some crystals (especially angelite or celestite) and your angel oracle cards. This focuses your intent and lets the angels know that you are serious about strengthening your relationship with them.

How Angels Communicate

Angels communicate mainly through emotions in the early stages of your development, bringing you a sense of peace, comfort, joy or love, whatever is needed. They bring healing in this way. As I mentioned above, they have brought me comfort and peace when I’ve been sad, often accompanied by a sudden sense of stillness; other times you will have a feeling that you don’t need to worry any more. If you have asked for guidance, you may not always receive an answer straight away: it may come through later, while you are in the bath, quietly reading or watching TV, when you are relaxed. Guidance can come in the form of thoughts, words, inspirations.

Your Guardian Angel can also bring you an understanding of a situation that was causing concern. You may feel the need to send love and forgiveness to someone who was causing trouble for you. They will help you find the lesson in the experience, which becomes an opportunity to open your heart more and attract more love and light into your own being.

You should also look out for signs, ‘coincidences’ and synchronicities which often lead you to the next step you need to take or you may meet a person who can help you. If something is right for you, it will feel right inside, such as a feeling of excitement or anticipation. Follow these intuitions and the angels will guide you to the right opportunities to manifest what you desire.

Angelic Therapies

If you would like to make your own connection to your Guardian Angel, why not try one of my Angel Therapy sessions where I take you on a guided journey to the angelic realms for healing and guidance?

If you prefer more of a hands-on healing session, you might like to try an Angelic Reiki treatment. This type of Reiki is infused with angelic energy and is very good for emotional healing and helping you to move forward in life.

Angel Therapy and Angelic Reiki are both available for £30 and both include a short angel card reading.

Helen Shortland is a Reiki Master Healer/Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Holistic Therapist and Tarot Consultant based at 15 Wheeler Gate in Nottingham city centre. Helen offers several healing treatments such as Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Faery Reiki, Angel Therapy, Fairy Blessing Guided Journey and Crystal Chakra Balancing; holistic therapies including Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Hopi Ear Candles & Facials; as well as Usui Reiki and Faery Reiki training courses and tarot readings. She has been on the spiritual path for 18 years and has extensive knowledge of healing and the healing journey. For further information about her Reiki courses, therapies and workshops, please visit her website or visit and ‘like’ her Facebook page Helen Shortland Holistics & Healing.


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