Reiki Training Courses

Reiki Training Courses (Usui Reiki Ryoho)

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Reiki is a form of hands-on, spiritual healing. It is a powerful tool for personal healing and spiritual growth, as well as a method of healing and balancing others.  Courses are usually held for small groups.  Course manual and certificate supplied.

It’s a well known saying that Reiki finds you whenever you are ready to experience healing in your life and take responsibility for your own healing. Reiki has enabled me to change my life from one of anxiety, low mood, lack of focus and purpose to a life of inspiration, growth, balance and inner strength. Reiki always works with you for your highest good, meeting you at the level of transformation you need. The attunement itself can be a healing experience, releasing negative karma that has been holding you back in life.

Being attuned to Reiki will help you relieve your own physical pain and that of others. It can shift emotional pain and raise your energetic vibration if you’ve been feeling depleted. It can often feel like you are starting out on a whole new path of growth following your first attunement.

Reiki share get-togethers are available in-person at East Leake, south Notts to help you practice and develop your skills and support you in your journey.

Are you ready to experience a greater level of fulfilment and peace than you have experienced before?

REIKI LEVEL 1  (1 day)  £110

Learn techniques for self-healing and treating family and friends. Course syllabus includes history of Reiki and Reiki precepts; Reiki 1 attunement; self-healing hand positions; basic meditation techniques, psychic protection and grounding; scanning the body; and how to give short seated treatment and full hands-on treatment.


Reiki is a powerful tool for healing and spiritual growth.  Reiki is the channelling of universal energy through the hands of the practitioner to boost the life force energy of the recipient.  It is a gentle, effective form of natural, hands-on healing to restore and maintain health and harmony to all levels of our being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  It is a safe, non-invasive, non-denominational form of healing.

Reiki Level 1 enables you to perform self-healing.  You can also use it on family and friends but you cannot work professionally at this level.  Reiki 1 is a pre-requisite for taking Reiki Level 2 but there is no obligation to go on to take the higher levels of Reiki.

Can Anyone Learn Reiki?

The ability to learn Reiki is not dependent on intellectual capacity, nor any particular belief system.  It does not take years of practice.  The energy is simply passed on from the teacher to the student during what is known as an attunement process.   As soon as this process has been completed, one has and can do Reiki. Because of this, it is easily learned by anyone – even children!

Reiki is a pure form of healing that is not dependent upon individual talent or acquired ability.   Because of this, the personality of the healer is less likely to cloud the significance of the healing experience.  The feeling of being connected directly to the Universal energy of healing love and protection is clearly apparent.

The Attunement

Reiki is not taught in the way other healing techniques are taught.   As previously mentioned, the Reiki energy is transferred to the student by the Reiki Master during an attunement process.  This process opens the crown, heart, and palm chakras and creates a special link between the student and the Reiki source.

The Reiki attunement is a powerful spiritual experience.  The attunement energies are channelled into the student through the Reiki Master.  The process is guided by the Rei, or Universal energy/God-consciousness, and makes adjustments in the process depending on the needs of the individual student.  The attunement is also attended by Reiki guides and other spiritual beings who help to implement the process.  Many students report having mystical experiences involving personal messages, healings, visions and past life experiences.  However, it is also common to not feel or be aware of anything and this is okay.  Even if the energy is not felt at the time of the attunement it will have taken place and the student will still be able to channel Reiki.

The attunement has also been known to increase psychic sensitivity.  Students often report experiences involving the opening of the third eye, increased intuitive awareness and other psychic abilities after receiving a Reiki attunement.

Once you have received a Reiki attunement, you will have Reiki for the remainder of your life.  It does not wear off and you can never lose it, although you will often find that the energy becomes stronger the more you use it.

The Reiki attunement can start a cleansing process that affects the physical body as well as the mind and emotions.  Toxins that have been stored in the body may be released along with feelings and thought patterns that are no longer useful.  On average it is acknowledged that this cleansing process takes up to 21 days and is sometimes known as the ‘Reiki flu’.  Although this is important to be aware of, there are many students who do not experience any effects following attunement.  To ensure that you receive maximum benefit from your attunement, it is recommended that you follow a process of purification prior to receiving the Reiki energy.

Preparing for an Attunement

For a few days prior to the attunement, it is beneficial for you to avoid alcohol, reduce your intake of coffee, tea and nicotine, drink more water and eat more healthily.  This will help prepare you to hold the Reiki vibration in your energy body.  After the attunement you are strongly advised to stick to the same cleansing regime, as well as performing a self-healing, for a minimum of 21 days in order to help your body rid itself of toxins and restore balance.  It is also advisable to get more rest and more fresh air during this time as well.

Course Details

  •  What is Reiki?
  • History of Reiki
  • Reiki precepts
  • Attunement to Reiki 1
  • Self-healing hand positions
  • Introduction to the chakra system
  • Meditation techniques, psychic protection and grounding
  • Chakra balancing
  • Scanning the body (“byosen”)
  • Hand positions for healing others and full body treatment
  • Other uses of Reiki

There are no pre-requisites to taking Reiki Level 1.

 REIKI LEVEL 2  (1 day intensive)  £160

Develop your healing ability further and lean how to send absent healing. Enables you to practice professionally (with insurance).  Course syllabus includes Level 2 attunement; working more deeply with the first 3 Reiki symbols; sending absent healing; healing the past and sending Reiki to future events; full hands-on treatment using symbols; and working professionally.

Second degree Reiki builds on the energy level acquired at Reiki Level 1.  The Reiki 2 attunement expands your energy body further, increasing the amount of healing energy you can carry and raising your personal vibration higher.  Each level of Reiki builds on the energy expansion of the previous one so that you are starting at a higher level each time.  Second degree Reiki further increases your sense of personal awareness and develops your intuitive powers.

In Japanese this degree is called “Oku Den”, meaning a more thorough exploration, or deeper knowledge of, the Self.  This implies that the higher levels of Reiki are not just tools for healing others but the beginnings of a special spiritual path to healing on all levels of body, mind and spirit.  We will experience deeper levels of contentment in our lives and our relationships will become more harmonious.  Second degree may also help us to change direction in life and give more clarity to our purpose in life.  We are empowered to take control of ourselves, to gradually reduce negative patterns and enhance good qualities of inner peace and compassion.  Second degree Reiki therefore works more on the mental and emotional bodies, helping to release negative behavioural patterns and gradually restoring balance.  Some processing of emotional issues can therefore follow this attunement.

At Level 2 you are introduced to three of the Reiki symbols that Dr Usui received as the keys to healing.  Each symbol has a specific purpose and energy vibration, each relating to three different levels of our being – physical, emotional and mental. At second degree you learn how to work with the energy rather than just being a channel.  You will receive another attunement that will expand your energy body, and the amount of healing energy you can channel, further.  You are also taught how to send distance/absent healing and send healing on a mental/emotional level.

Course Details

  • Theory and uses of 3 of the Reiki symbols
  • Reiki 2 attunement
  • Distant/absent healing
  • Mental/emotional healing treatment
  • Powering up
  • Giving complete Reiki treatment at practitioner level
  • Working as a professional Reiki healer
  • Lineage

Following the course, you should continue to practice Reiki with another Reiki practitioner, if possible, or with family and friends for several weeks after the course.

Course prerequisite:  You must be attuned to Reiki Level 1 in order to take Reiki 2.  Reiki 2 can be taken a minimum of 3 months after Reiki 1.  Ongoing support available.


An intermediate level of training in Reiki Mastery may be received. Course includes master attunement and how it is used in healing treatments. Students are also taught how to use crystal grids, the Three Pillars of Reiki and advanced methods of hands-on healing to release energy blocks and energy build-up manifesting as aches, pains, injury or illness. Prerequisite: 3 years experience as a Reiki 2 practitioner.


For those who wish to learn how to attune and teach others and who feel ready to take on a teaching role and the responsibility that brings. At this level Reiki becomes the predominant focus of a person’s life. This course is usually taught on a one-to-one basis or in a small group, dates arranged to suit. Prerequisite: 3 years experience as a Reiki 2 pracititioner and Reiki Master Healer certification if taken separately.

The level 3 courses can still be taken together over one weekend for £400.

Reiki Master training is open to those who have been working as a Reiki Practitioner for a minimum of 3 years and who wish to deepen their experience and knowledge, increase their energy levels and personal energy vibration and share their skill with others.  At this level you must feel a vocation to give and receive healing and help others to discover, love and heal themselves.  By taking the Master Degree you are making a commitment to “live Reiki” – Reiki becomes integral to all aspects of your life and to everything you do.  The Reiki Master Degree demands a high level of spiritual maturity and sufficient experience with Reiki since taking Level 2 (at least 3 years).  Becoming a Reiki Master is a major life commitment, lifting your vibrational energy and consciousness to a far higher level than you have ever achieved before.  Your connection with your higher self will strengthen and become more natural.

The Reiki Master attunement is peaceful but intense.  It works directly on the heart level, releasing any blocks and addressing any outstanding issues in this area.  Healing takes place at a deep soul level: old thought and behavioural patterns are challenged and, where necessary, rejected and replaced.  It may bring a deeper understanding of the self, together with greater awareness of your soul path and karmic lessons you are experiencing in your life.

Following the Reiki Master attunement, you may experience a continuation of the physical cleansing or the release of old negative emotional patterns that were not completely cleared after the first two attunements.  However, by the time you come to take your Reiki Master attunement, your life will have changed considerably to accommodate your new Reiki path and any cleansing/releasing will be less noticeable than after Level 2.

Course Details

Day 1 – Master Healer (Advanced Reiki Training) Level

  •  Introduction to Master symbols.
  • Reiki Master Attunement (modern or traditional).
  • Advanced healing techniques.
  • Crystal Grids and their use in distant healing and empowering own goals.
  • Three Pillars of Reiki.
  • Deepening Reiki meditation.
  • Lineage.

Day 2 – Master Teacher Level

  • Reiki Master attunement (modern or traditional).
  • Attunements and how to give them.
  • Attunements for Reiki Levels 1 and 2.
  • Attunement for Reiki Master Level.
  • Practice time.
  • Teaching Reiki – responsibilities, course structure, manuals etc.

Client Testimonial

“Thank you again Helen for an enjoyable day yesterday on the Reiki Level 2 Course. Well organised and thoroughly well put together.”        B.Hudson, Nottingham

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