Identifying Past Lives and Karmic Patterns with Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki is said to be overseen and gifted to Earth by Archangel Metatron. Metatron oversees the Akashic Records – a record of our lifetimes on Earth including what we have learnt and what we need to work on. This implies that our soul seeks experiences on earth in order to grow and evolve, moving on to the next lesson once a particular one is learnt. Linked in with this, of course, is a belief that the soul is eternal and incarnates over and over again in many successive lifetimes. We tend to incarnate with the same group of people time after time, swapping roles and providing the best learning opportunities. You may think there are people in your life that you would never have chosen to reincarnate with but these decisions are taken at a much higher level than our minds can generally understand. It is said that the most challenging people in your life are actually your greatest teachers.

Even if you don’t believe in the idea of past lives, you can maybe accept that there are certain karmic patterns at play in your life that keep recurring. Each time the pattern arises is an opportunity for you to respond in a different way, to learn and heal. These karmic patterns are like energy imprints, or stories, on our soul which affect us positively or negatively. Some can represent our strengths; others weaknesses that we need to work on in this lifetime. In an Angelic Reiki session I often pick up themes to release rather than a particular past life. These can include grief, anger, resentment, low self-worth and feeling a lack of love.

In Angelic Reiki I ask the angels to identify a past life that has left a negative energy imprint on the soul and to release its associated karmic pattern. There is no regression, re-living or processing required on the client’s part. Recurrent themes can be identified which are affecting present behaviour and beliefs. Bringing something into conscious awareness bring s you choice. Often just acknowledging these themes can be enough to break a pattern or at least the hold it has over you. Asking the angels to release it during the healing session is usually all that is required.

Client Experiences

Client #1 had a history of repressed emotions and sexual feelings due to her upbringing and a history of abusive relationships with patriarchal men. During the first session there was lots of releasing from the sacral chakra and clearing at the solar plexus and root. When I asked the angels to perform past life healing I had an image of a preacher dressed in black, Wesleyan style clothes uttering the words “sins of the flesh”. This pattern of repression had been carried over from this past life and involved all the people in her current upbringing as they had once more incarnated together. During the session the client felt great forgiveness and love for her sister (who she had not seen in a long while after their relationship broke down) and felt ready to contact her. She had awareness concerning her current marriage and saw herself standing in her own power with her husband, with no more imbalance of power. During the session I asked the angels to release this pattern of repression and bring her a way to take back her own power. After the session she had a long talk with her husband and they are now a lot closer. She also arranged to meet her sister. Her husband has noticed a difference in her and she definitely has more energy.

In the second session I had a past life image of the client living a nomadic life where she learnt self-reliance but found it very hard to trust others. In this life she has attracted men who have proved her right in terms of ‘shouldn’t be trusted’. Her challenge in this life is to open up and learn to trust more. Her relationship with her husband continued to improve. There is now no more past life clearing to do; there are just self-worth issues to clear before she can move fully into the work connected to her life purpose.

Client #2 had had anxiety since the birth of her first child 10 years earlier, along with low self-esteem from childhood and possibly, she thought, from a past life. She admitted to being insecure and jealous in her relationships. Her mum left when she was a baby so she grew up with her dad and siblings. Her siblings often ran away in their teens. The client had suffered additional traumatic events of her own in her teens and suppressed her painful emotions with alcohol.

During our session I picked up themes of loss and abandonment within the family/soul group. In a past life her family had lost my client in sudden traumatic circumstances. I had an image of a fast-flowing river and knew she was young. Interestingly we discovered later that the client was also seeing water at this point! The theme of loss had been carried over into this life with her family members abandoning her so that she is the one who has to deal with loss in this life. At the end of the session the client reported that she had had her own vision: she saw a man in prison on an island who killed himself. He had done something bad and wanted to say sorry for what he had done.

Client #3 had a difficult relationship with her father and male boss. Her mum, who she was very close to, had died 5 years previously. In early sessions my client had images of her mum and a strong sense of her mum being with her during the treatment. I picked up issues of trust and betrayal within the soul group so asked the angels to cut negative cords to family members to help my client let go of past hurts.

More recently this client wanted to release blocks around her new healing career. She had always felt she had had a past life during which she was persecuted for being a witch for using her healing gifts, which she certainly may well have. However in the session I saw a past life as a nun who believed that healing was wrong as it was not approved by her church. This was the past life that needed releasing the most and which was holding her back from a new healing career in this life. Interestingly the client saw an image of a nun’s habit towards the end of the treatment!

Client #4 had suffered anxiety since the menopause and long term depression. She felt she was held back in life generally by her depression, anxiety and fear. In our session I saw past life images of both poverty and of a life as a queen where she enjoyed her status. In this life she is learning to love herself for who she is, not for what she has or is accorded to her status.

Angelic Reiki

I’m sure you will agree that Angelic Reiki can provide some fascinating insights into past lives, karmic patterns or aspects of your psyche, however you prefer to think of it. If you would like to try this wonderful healing treatment yourself, please contact me on 07748 591690 or email me at The treatment costs £30 and consists of a consultation, short angel card reading and a half hour healing session. Please allow a good hour.

Helen Shortland is a Reiki Master Healer/Teacher, Meditation Teacher and Holistic Therapist based at 15 Wheeler Gate in Nottingham city centre. Helen offers several healing treatments such as Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Faery Reiki, Angel Therapy, Fairy Blessing Guided Journey and Crystal Chakra Balancing; holistic therapies including Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Hopi Ear Candles & Facials; as well as Usui Reiki and Faery Reiki training courses and tarot readings. She has been on the spiritual path for 18 years and has extensive knowledge of healing and the healing journey. For further information about her Reiki courses, therapies and workshops, please visit her website or visit and ‘like’ her Facebook page Helen Shortland Holistics & Healing.

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