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My Introduction to Spirit Releasing

I have been guided by Archangel Raphael in my healing work for a long time now but I only discovered a few months ago that this particular Archangel is also responsible for helping lost souls who have died and not passed into the light to find their way back home. These are the souls that we would describe as ‘trapped’, who are still very close to the earth plane, usually in an environment where they lived, worked or spent a lot of time. Their passing could have been traumatic and they do not realise they have died, they may have unfinished business here or they just may not know that it is safe for them to go towards the light.

When I look back over the last ten years or so, there have been several occurrences when spirits who had previously been trapped managed to attach themselves to my aura. (I acquired one spirit in the caves of Nottingham Castle and another from the toilets of a haunted pub in Hucknall, Notts!) I was aware of their presence by hearing a voice that wasn’t mine. When I realised what had happened, I was inspired to call in my guides and angels to take the spirit with them into the light. Thankfully for me it has always worked!  At this point I should point out that there is no need for anyone to worry about going into places where there may be spirit activity: I truly believe that the spirits joined me because they somehow knew I could help them to move on.

Why is Spirit Releasing so important?

Apart from us on the earth plane wanting to purify our space and release negative energy, spirit releasing also benefits the spirit enormously, even more so that it does us here on earth. Until a spirit returns to its soul group, it cannot assimilate with the group all the lessons it has learned and all the experiences it has had in its lifetime. I have come to understand from my spirit guide that when a spirit returns to its soul group, there is cause for celebration in the spirit world because another cycle of growth and learning has been completed and the soul group as a whole grows.

How does it work?

Archangel Raphael’s energy serves to purify and consecrate a space. By calling in Raphael’s energy, a golden portal of light is formed which serves as a gateway through which the lonely trapped soul can return to the light, assisted by the angelic helpers. This technique also serves to clear any dense, negative heavy energy from a place, leaving it feeling noticeably lighter.

My Experiences

I can list three recent occasions where I believe spirit releasing has been successful.  The first relates to one of the treatment rooms at the health food store where I work.  Many people had said that they didn’t like the energy of the room; it was cold and damp and just didn’t feel welcoming. In addition we had always struggled to let the room to therapists. I had to work in this room on one occasion and during the treatment I became aware of a strong male presence in the room who really didn’t want anyone ‘in his space’. When I opened up psychically I could see this man and he told me that the basement area was his space; he was prepared to tolerate me in my room in the basement but wasn’t prepared to give up any more! I told the spirit in advance that I would help him pass over and when I called in Archangel Raphael he did indeed go into the light with very little resistance. The clearest indication that something had changed was the feedback we received from other people: one person said that the room felt bigger, lighter and brighter now and actually felt welcoming for the first time. The best indication for me though was when the four year old daughter of one of our members of staff happily went into the room for the first time when previously she had refused to go in that room and had in fact disliked the basement area as a whole.

The second occasion relates to my grandparents’ bungalow which had been on the market for a year with very little interest and no offer of purchase.  I knew my grandparents in spirit were reluctant to move on and let the bungalow go but when they did finally agree to transition fully to the spirit world through the spirit releasing process, an offer was finally made and accepted just two days later!

The third occasion I performed the spirit releasing technique was in the medieval baths which are part of the Museum of Gibraltar in Spain. Here is a photo below:-


This amazing building had many layers of history and felt full of spirit activity, particularly in the area of the baths. In one part of the baths I could see women carrying urns of water to fill the baths and in another area there were men walking around in toga type wrap-around garments. (Although they are called the medieval baths, I did discover that they were built on the site of the old Roman baths.) I didn’t set out to do spirit releasing in particular but just asked the angels to guide to the light any spirits who were trapped here and ready to move on.  That evening when I closed my eyes I could see a crowd of people before me in spirit all talking in Spanish. One lady came forward and said “gracias” and then they all disappeared off into the distance!

Potential for Healing

In addition to buildings, I feel that the spirit releasing technique would work equally well on people who think they have a spirit attachment or just feel that they have a lot of heavy, low vibration energy in their aura.  It is possible that symptoms such as low mood, listlessness, addictive/compulsive behaviours, and a feeling of nothing in your life going right can all be symptoms of spirit attachment or psychic attack. The process involves a short five minute visualisation that I talk you through and we both do together. It can be performed at the end of a Reiki healing treatment or as part of a spiritual guidance session. If you think I can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Helen Shortland is a Reiki Master Teacher, Meditation Teacher and Holistic Therapist based at Little London Herbal Stores on Kings Walk in Nottingham city centre. Please ring her on 07748 591690 to book a treatment or visit her website http://helenshortland.com for further information.

Reiki healing is available for £30 for a 1 hr treatment or £15 for half an hour. Half hour spiritual guidance session incorporating aura reading is available for £20.



What is “Healing”?

We are all accustomed to hearing about the healing journey, spiritual healing, energy healing, Reiki healing etc but what exactly does ‘healing’ mean?  The term ‘healing’ means becoming whole, ie. being aware of yourself on all levels (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually) and accepting, expressing and integrating all that you are. It is not denying aspects of yourself and living your life according to the expectations and needs of others but loving yourself enough to be who you really are.

The word energy is derived from the Greek words ‘en’ meaning in or inside and ‘ergon’ meaning work, force, power or effort.  Healing energy can therefore be interpreted as doing our inner work so that we can become whole.

Physical Healing

We have all had aches and pains, cuts and bruises, infection and illnesses. We may have needed antibiotics, stitches or painkillers to help and taken time out to rest and recuperate but essentially our bodies heal themselves.

Emotional Healing

We have all suffered emotional pain and injuries too.  We have all experienced unpleasant painful feelings such as anger, fear, sadness, loneliness and rejection.  Our natural response is to deny these feelings as we are too ashamed to admit to them. After all, emotional pain is harder to see and therefore easier to ignore.  However when these feelings are suppressed in the subconscious mind, the body always responds in some way – muscular tension, pain and stiffness, and the autonomic nervous system floods the body with anxiety-stimulating stress hormones such as adrenalin and cortisol.

We learn through experience that society does not deem it appropriate to express painful emotions and we even call them ‘negative’ to reinforce the idea that they are unwanted.  However, when these emotions are not expressed, they become stored in our body, energy system and unconscious mind.  When painful emotions are suppressed or denied, the act of suppression leads to anxiety, worry or depression, physical illness or addition. People usually turn to painkillers, medication or self-medicate with alcohol or drugs.

Pain from the past continues to affect the present.  It can take years to even acknowledge that painful emotions exist.  But until we can finally admit to ourselves that something is wrong, we will find it very difficult to heal.  We remain in this pattern of suppression and denial until we are ready to release and transform.

Becoming Whole

Becoming whole means being in good health and balance of all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Wholeness involves acknowledging and accepting all that we are.  First it is necessary to discover and accept the more ‘negative’ aspects of our character and all the painful emotions we carry.

Few people genuinely love or understand themselves enough.  It is so much easier to judge ourselves and find ourselves lacking in some way, not being worthy enough or lovable enough.  Understanding is key: understanding where those painful emotions came from and the beliefs we have around them.  We must forgive ourselves for the mistakes we have made and we must also forgive others for the mistakes they have made towards us.  If you cannot forgive, you must at least learn to detach from the pain and let it go.  It is the only way to heal, the only way to set yourself free from the pain of the past.

Moving Forward

The best way to develop love, understanding and forgiveness is through a spiritual practice such as meditation; a form of healing such as spiritual, energy or Reiki healing; healing meditation connecting with the energy of love; or even counselling.  Meditation helps you enter the witness state of detachment from thoughts and feelings and experience stillness and clarity of mind.  Healing treatments can help you connect with the divine energy of source, make you aware of what’s in your heart and fully experience your feelings.  Counselling can help you identify painful emotions and explore their origin.  By making the connection with your heart, the soul is more able to connect with the body and infuse the body with more light, or soul energy, that helps you release and move forward.  I do believe that the body wants to heal itself; we just need to get out of the way and let it happen.

A Life-long Process

Healing is a life-long process.  It involves learning about ourselves and being willing to change.  I believe that meditation is one of the most profound methods of self-healing we can do and is something that can be practiced regularly by everyone.  You can meditate upon your thoughts and emotions and discover where they came from. Vipassana Meditation teaches you how to choose and master your thoughts, thereby influencing your moods and feelings, which has a direct bearing on the physical body.  If you practice healing meditation, you can direct a beam of bright white light into areas of tension, pain or illness and visualise the body healing itself.  By being willing to change, accept and integrate all parts of ourselves, we can all lead healthier and happier lives.

Helen Shortland is a Reiki Master Teacher, Meditation Teacher and Holistic Therapist based at Little London Herbal Stores on Kings Walk in Nottingham city centre. For further information about her courses, workshops and therapies, please visit her website at http://helenshortland.com.