Spirit Releasing

Spirits can be attached to us for a variety of reasons. They are usually ‘lost’ souls who don’t know how to move on fully who have been drawn to the light of mediums, healers or those who are psychically open. If you don’t close down after spiritual work, you shine like a beacon on the astral plane drawing spirits to you who are in effect looking for the light they need to cross over into. Lost souls are usually those who experienced a sudden unexpected death, those who never believed in the concept of heaven or the afterlife when alive or those who are afraid of being judged by a vengeful God. The majority of these souls inadvertently attach themselves to the living as a means of getting energy, not realising it can be harmful to you. Others are troubled, usually with drug and/or alcohol issues, and attach themselves to a human to continue that behaviour and get the buzz they need. In my experience however, most of them are just hanging around waiting for you to help them move on.

I have experienced spirit attachment several times in my own life. I picked up one spirit in a pub where I was attending a psychic fair and all of a sudden I just had to get out of the building. I didn’t particularly want to go home, but the spirit was definitely looking for a way out the place and figured I was his best option! On this occasion I had a feeling, a knowing, that someone was with me. When I did finally get home, I was powerfully impressed with the idea to call upon my guides and angels to take him to the light. I felt a shift, a lightness and sense of peace. I realised this was all he needed me to do for him – I was able to help him move on.

Longer term spirit attachments usually end up having an effect on your energy body and energy levels. Here are some signs of spirit attachment:-

– Physical tiredness, exhaustion, depleted of energy.
– Feeling emotionally low, extra emotional or overwhelmed by emotions.
– Not sleeping well, often with bizarre haunting dreams.
– Thoughts, words, phrases in your head that aren’t yours/don’t feel like yours, especially those making negative comments.
– Mood swings.
– Feeling of heaviness or pressure.
– Feeling that ‘this isn’t me’ or behaviour change.
– Problems with addictions of all kinds.
– Poor memory, inability to focus, more confusion than normal.
– Sudden onset of anxiety depression or panic attacks.
– If you are spiritually inclined/developed, seeing or feeling the same spirit with you again and again.

While a lot of these symptoms can be attributed to other things, there will generally be a feeling that something isn’t quite right and symptoms will begin all of a sudden. Other signs can be pets growling, hearing tapping/knocking noises or footsteps, bad smells that suddenly appear out of nowhere, electronic items malfunctioning, light bulbs blowing and items disappearing and showing up later. Try not to be alarmed – most likely the spirit person is just trying to get your attention and let you know they are there.

Spirit releasing is something I have always instinctively known how to do and been able to do but I should say that it is the guides and angels who work with me (particularly those who work under Archangel Azrael) who are the ones who actually perform the releasing. Spirit releasing is a form of healing as well as a form of mediumship. All I have to do is raise my vibration high enough to connect with these guides/angels, call them in and feel them around me, tune into the client and ask my guides/angels to take the spirit away to the light for healing. I often then have a vision of the spirit walking away down a path into the light with another person in spirit who has come to collect them.

Spirit releasing is done remotely as part of a distance healing session for £20.