Shamanic Soul Healing Program

In this program I will be working with my spirit helpers to help the client access higher realms of consciousness and the wisdom they need to heal their lives. Most people carry some form of traumatic memory from earlier in this life, or even from a past life, which can create blocks in the energy field that can manifest as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, lack of confidence and under-achievement.
Shamanism is about feeling supported by the spirit world and the natural world. It is about accessing your powerful inner world through journeying, spirit guidance, negative energy clearing, calling back the parts of our soul lost to past trauma (soul retrieval) and reconnecting to your higher self. The type of shamanic healing I offer is done solely with spiritual assistance; no rattles and drums involved.
It is all too easy to lose parts of yourself (your soul) through traumatic events such as the loss of a loved one, an accident, illness, surgery or abuse. Signs indicating soul loss include observing life rather than participating in it, chronic depression, immune deficiency problems, addictions, emotional issues such as anger and grief, and poor physical health.

There are various healing components included in the program:-
Energy Clearing: Here we ask the guides to release energy cords and astral projections affecting the client and to void soul level agreements and past life vows that are limiting their path. This goes deeper than a shamanic journey alone and releases the client from the limitations of the past. Spirit can also advise on any particular healing the client needs including crystals and herbs.
Soul Retrieval: This involves calling back the parts of the soul that have been lost or fragmented during past trauma (including trauma from past lives). We can literally lose parts of ourselves during relationship break-ups, bereavement, accidents etc. Symptoms of soul loss include bouts of depression, feeling like part of us has died, anxiety and paranoia, feelings of pointlessness, lack of achievement and constant low energy. Soul retrieval can better be described as energetic repatterning rather than healing. I also bring in any specific light codes the client needs. After the session clients are often more aware of where they have been over-giving to others to the extent that it is draining their own energies.
Shamanic Journeying: This focuses on releasing negative emotions connected to particular memories but is also adapted to meet the client’s specific needs, such as finding love, trusting your own decisions or establishing the client in a new role. We interact with spirit beings to connect to higher consciousness and create energy shifts on a deep inner level. It has a far more transformative effect than a guided meditation alone.
Visualisation to bring Goals into your Timeline: Here we set the intention for you to manifest a particular goal and you visualise yourself working towards it. The guides bring insight into what is blocking you energetically from achieving this and clear what can be cleared at this time.
Embodying the Higher Self: This is a guided meditation where you blend with your higher self and intuit what it wants you to know. This helps you tune into your essence and your unique gifts. Regular practice brings greater alignment with your soul and helps you make decisions that are more aligned with your highest good.

The program is divided into 3 parts:-

Part 1: Clearing the Past
Consultation to see where the client is not moving forwards or living life as fully as they could be.
Energy Clearing guided meditation with healing guides.
Soul Retrieval.

Part 2: Returning to You
Shamanic journey to connect to higher consciousness and create energy shifts.
Shamanic Reading with animal guides.

Part 3: Empowering You
Visualisation to bring your goals into your timeline and clearing blocks to achieving goals.
Embodying your higher self guided meditation. (An audio of this meditation will be emailed to you afterwards.)

The program will be offered at £100 for all 3 sessions. (Two payments of £50 can be made at the beginning and part way through if preferred.) Each session will last approx 1 1/4 hours and can be taken in-person at East Leake or via Zoom or video call. For best results sessions should ideally be taken 1 or 2 weeks apart. Individual sessions available for £40 each.