Numerology is an ancient science concerned with the energy vibration of numbers. Each number has its own particular energy vibration and we work with the numbers 1-9 plus the master numbers 11 and 22. To put together a Numerology Report for a client I will need your date of birth and full birth name. From this I can work out your life path number which shows your general soul path and the soul lessons that you have chosen to learn in this lifetime. A report will also include your personality and talents (Expression number), how you can move forward and achieve your goals (Growth number), your soul’s urge/heart’s desire or what you really want to do that you often keep hidden from others (Soul Urge number), how others see you (Personality number), any extra talents and gifts as indicated by your Birthday number and how to manifest and live your soul purpose if you have gone off track in mid life (Maturity number). Interestingly this is believed to be the true cause of a midlife crisis. I will also include numbers for the 4 different cycles of life such as teens/early adulthood, life up to middle age, middle age and then 50s onwards.

Numerology can reveal fascinating things about yourself. Having a report put together can show if you have numbers that work well together or numbers that don’t which can create conflict for the soul, for example part of you may yearn for excitement and adventure but you may have a cautious nature that holds you back. At the end of the report I will include a summary which can include any significant numbers that are missing from your chart which can create an imbalance in our life. You can then choose to make an extra effort to bring in the energy of that missing number if you wish or you can just decide to focus on what your soul has chosen to experience in this lifetime as indicated in the report.

If you would like to have your own report prepared, please email me with your date of birth and full birth name. If you are married woman or are known by a name other than your birth name, I can also work out how the marriage name or nickname has influenced you. The main name I will be using however is your full birth name as this was the name assigned to you at birth and is the energy you will always carry with you.

These reports are available for £45.