Fairies and Elemental Energies

fairy forest free fotolia

As a Fairyologist my aim is to spread the word about the fairy realm (The Fae) and to help people make their own connections to the fairies. Also known as the Nature Angels, the fairies have a divine mission to protect the environment and animals and connecting with them inspires us to do the same. Fairies reside in a dimension very close to the earth, just beyond the veil, so they have a strong understanding of the material concerns which affect humans on a day to day basis.

They are particularly good at helping with issues such as money, career, business, home, relationships, health, pets and gardens. All you need to do is ask. Fairies are usually  more than happy to help but you may be prompted to pick up litter, become more eco-friendly or change your diet in some way before they work with you in earnest! Fairies also help us to lighten up, have fun and enjoy life more. Indeed a more joyful, lighter feeling can indicate that the fairies have joined you! Fairies are particularly good at helping us manifest abundance and success and can even help with finding your life purpose. Leprochauns are usually depicted with a pot of gold … maybe they can help you find the means to create your own pot of gold.

The more people who believe in fairies, and connect and work with them, the more power they have to cleanse and heal the environment as well as help us, so welcoming the fairies into your life is a mutually beneficial relationship.

I offer a range of healing treatments and workshops to help you connect with the Fae. Healing treatments available include Faery Reiki and Faery Blessing Guided Journey. With both these treatments I include a short fairy oracle card reading.


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