Old unresolved hurts and wounds in the past are like magnets attracting similar situations or energy patterns lifetime after lifetime until the pattern is cleared. These unresolved issues can originate either in a past life or earlier in your present life. The goal of Akashic Clearing is to find the cause of the problem in your Akashic Record, understand it and release it through clearing.

Akashic Clearing can be done anytime you feel something is blocking your path, such as fears coming up when you are faced with a new opportunity, relationships that keep going wrong, phobias etc. Clearing is best suited to mental/emotional/psychological issues but sometimes physical problems can be improved if their underlying cause is something like suppressed or unresolved emotion. Finding the root cause of a problem is always fascinating because we can also pick up limiting beliefs and vows you made to yourself at the time as a form of protection but which now no longer serve you. We can also create a positive new belief or affirmation for you to work with instead. As an example, one lady I worked with had great difficulty accepting payment for her spiritual work. We cleared some painful experiences in a past life, along with the vow she made to herself at the time, and she is now able to value herself and what she has to offer so much more. (Please note these sessions are mainly a clearing, not a full reading.)

During these sessions I will do the research remotely and we will then arrange a time to do the clearing together either in Zoom, over the phone or in person. I will need to request a few personal details from you, like I do with the Soul Realignment, to enter your Akashic Record. These sessions are available for £35.